Repair DBF files in case of ODBC Drivers error

Published: 06th October 2010
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MS Visual FoxPro is a well-known database management system developed by MS Corporation. The files so created are in dbf file format and just like any other database file; these files too are vulnerable to get corrupt. Use dbf repair software to open dbf file and recover all the data saved in these files.

The database files so created using this application are used to store your valuable data in the form of tables. Each table is saved as an individual file with DBF file extension. You can access data from tables, store data in these tables or delete unwanted data from tables using queries. However, corruption or damage caused to DBF files of MS Visual FoxPro makes the data in these files inaccessible.

Such abrupt behavior might result in serious data loss situations and in order to retrieve your data, you have to rely on the latest backup copy. However, in case there is no backup available, you have to switch to a third party repair DBF tool to open dbf file data. In a practical working scenario, you might come across the error message given below at a time when you try to see an ASP (Active Server Page) page that has a connection with the Visual FoxPro table:

"Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14' [Microsoft][ODBC Visual FoxPro Driver]File '' does not exist.

//, line "

After the occurrence of the error message given above, your data saved in DBF file becomes inaccessible. Owing to which the data in your DBF file becomes totally unusable. In such a situation, you need to figure out the cause of corruption and then perform DBF repair to extract all your valuable data from this corrupt database table.

Possible Reasons of corruption

You might come across the occurrence of the above-mentioned error message:

1.FoxPro database is saved on computer other than IIS (Internet Information Server) Server And IIS server is configured to use NT Response/Challenge to access safe script files

2.Database file is saved on computer rather than computer running IIS and IIS is configured to use Clear Text (Basic) authentication while accessing safe script files

3.DBF FoxPro files and IIS are saved on same computer and user is using UNC path to access DBF files

Resolving the situation

In order to resolve this situation manually, you can follow any of the methods given below:

1.Shift your DBF file to a new server with IIS Server enabled

2.Perform DBF repair and restore the corrupt database file using powerful open dbf file software.

The third party DBF repair tools are designed especially to perform meticulous scan of entire DBF file so that you can restore almost all inaccessible data from these files. This DBF repair software is integrated with simple and interactive GUI that assures you to open DBF file in minimal amount of time. This software let you open DBF file easily and ensure successful recovery of all your data. Using this dbf repair tool you can restore all DBF file objects such as table, table name, column name, indexes, primary keys etc.

The author of this article is a product reviewer, who has knack of reviewing dbf repair software and recommending his readers about the same. Here the author has discussed a situation where you might feel the need of an ideal DBF repair or open DBF file tool.

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